Do you also want to keep your items beautiful for as long as possible? We are happy to give you advice on how to deal with the different materials we use.

We believe it is important to use good quality materials that also match the product. We often use wool, viscose and cotton in our items. In addition, many of our items are made in Italy and India. This also includes appropriate care. So read the information below carefully after purchasing our items <3.

Always rely on the washing label found in the product. The information below is only sample advice.

General information

In general, we recommend washing our products at no warmer than 30 degrees and allowing them to air dry. In addition, the products benefit best from hand washing. Did you buy a very brightly colored item? Wash it separately from other items of clothing the first time.

Have you purchased a knitted product? Then be careful not to get caught on anything. Has a loop come into your beloved item? Fortunately, you can easily put it back again so that the loop is on the inside and is no longer visible.

Also make sure that the garment fits properly. In general, our items are somewhat smaller. So take a good look at the size advice that comes with the products, or send us an email. This way you also ensure that the item lasts as long as possible (too small or too large = risk of tearing).

For products that contain elastic (such as our well-known Mykonos skirt ), we advise not to pull hard on the elastic when putting on such an item. This can cause the elastic to weaken and lose its shape.


Care & washing instructions


✰Wool gives clothing a beautiful look but also offers a lot of warmth! In addition, clothing made from wool can last up to 100 years due to its good properties. If you are sensitive to wool (it itches easily), we recommend washing the item immediately upon receipt. Wool should always be washed in cold water. This means that items containing wool should absolutely not be washed or dried at temperatures higher than 30 degrees. Wool is also sensitive to deformation. Therefore, never put it in a washing program with many revolutions. Wool should therefore always be dried flat. So don't just hang an item with wool on a clothes hook. It is normal that wool can pill or fluff over time, this is a natural phenomenon. You can use a pill device to maintain this. You can prevent this process as much as possible by washing the item infrequently and causing little friction (with bags, for example).

✰Viscose is a natural material that is also called artificial silk. This is because this is a beautiful, supple and soft fabric. It is airy and therefore very comfortable. Viscose is a flexible fabric. Therefore, never wash items with viscose at a temperature higher than 30 degrees and do not use high speeds. It is best to wash viscose by hand. Has the item shrunk anyway? You can then easily get it back to its original shape by washing the item again to loosen the fibers. Next, you need to iron the item properly. Viscose items should absolutely not be tumble dried! The high temperatures and fast rotations can cause shrinkage and wrinkles.

✰Cotton is a wonderfully airy fabric and is known for its durability and longevity. It generally does not require any special care. Cotton is sensitive to discolouration. So always wash with the right colors and do not hang cotton products in direct sunlight. Cotton can simply be thrown in the washing machine and can withstand higher temperatures. Are you washing your cotton item for the first time? Then it may shrink a bit. Therefore, ensure a low temperature and see whether the item responds well to this.

Please note: some products are not allowed in the washing machine at all, such as bikinis! So always read the washing label on the inside of the item.